RideAway Yoga

Power Vinyasa

Begin your day working up a sweat in a beautiful lakefront gazebo at Lawrence Pond. Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a powerful, energetic form of yoga with fluid movements from pose-to-pose, all while breathing through movements. This type of yoga will get your blood flowing and is designed to strengthen your mind + body connection.

Plein-Air Yoga

Plein-Air is French for “outdoors” and referring to the artistic practice of painting completely outdoors, Plein-Air Yoga offers this outdoor experience, allowing you to temporarily escape from the four walls of the mind and explore the deeper connection present between human and the biotic community. Yoga can enhance the human connection to our animalistic roots, promoting overall respect and admiration for the natural world we are a part of. Class includes a short visualization meditation practice, leading into vinyasa style flow at our beautiful lakefront gazebo.

Disconnect to Reconnect

You no longer need to fear missing out on your daily yoga! Bring your child to “Disconnect to Reconnect” classes. Two simultaneous, but separate classes allow for your child to partake in beginner yoga, while exploring the natural world around them, while YOU relax and disconnect from your day-to-day routine. It’s time to reconnect!

Yin Yoga

Have you ever experienced Yin Yoga under the lights? Yin Yoga works deeply into our body with passive, longer-held poses to strengthen healthy organs. While targeting the deepest tissues of the body, Yin Yoga develops the deep fascia networks of the body rather than only working on muscular strength. Show your body some love and join us for slow flow – and breathe into great emotional and mental health benefits.

Paddle and Beach Yoga

The Paddle + Beach Yoga Experience consists of a kayak or stand up paddle board tour through the Popponesset Bay at Sunset followed by a yoga flow class upon arrival at the beach. RideAway Adventures will guide you through a memorable and energetic yoga experience paired with a calm and relaxing stand-up paddle board or kayak adventure during sunset! Classes are designed for all levels and skills with instruction on both Yoga and Paddling. We start with a quick lesson for beginners, a warm-up paddle, and then upon arrival at the beach a full Yoga Flow class unlike any other.⁣

Paddle Board Yoga

SUP Yoga is an amazing on water experience. Our instructor will guide you through a memorable “walk on water” yoga experience as you become one with your paddle board. Classes are designed for all levels. We start with a quick lesson for newbies, a short warm-up paddle, and then anchor our boards for a lively and peaceful yoga practice unlike any other.