About Us and Paddling Cape Cod

The RideAway Adventures' Mission

To make adventure accessible to everyone and create a unique nature-based experience for our customers through education and immersive adventures while biking and paddling Cape Cod.

The R.A.D Initiative

The RideAway Difference Initiative has been a work in progress over the last fifteen years and is the area that we are most proud of as a company. Our fundraising efforts, community involvement and our philanthropic programming is what sets us apart from other companies. We pride ourselves in giving back and making a difference for our natural environment and in kid’s lives. The opportunity to build a like minded community of people that want to make a difference has been so rewarding and we want you to be a part of it! Our “RAD” members get together to do fun physical activities, paddling Cape Cod, volunteer, participate in fundraising events and just have a damn good time while we do it. Not to mention the benefits of being RAD are pretty cool too.

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RAD Club

Meet Some of the RideAway Crew!!

Mike Morrison 

Mike is the owner of RideAway Adventures and was born and raised on Cape Cod. He is a level 2 certified Kayak and Paddle Board Instructor and also acts as the Massachusetts’ State Representative for the American Canoe Association while paddling Cape Cod.

Fun Fact: He has visited over 25 different countries!

Paddling Cape Cod with Will is such an adventure!

Will Shanahan

Will is one of RideAway’s celebrated location managers and is an ACA Level 2 kayak and paddle board  instructor and was born and raised on Cape Cod. He was our youngest hire at RideAway eight years ago and now is a full time employee and integral part of our day to day operations and our award winning tours paddling Cape Cod. Every company should be so lucky to have such a committed and hard working part of the team.

Fun Fact: Will is constantly mistaken for Taylor Swift’s boyfriend!

Troy Leonard

Troy is our Director of Bike Operation and our head mechanic. He is an ACA Level 2 Kayak instructor and comes to us from Kenosha, Wisconsin. He is an integral part of our growing bike operations and his mechanical and customer service experience is such a celebrated addition to our team.

Fun Fact: Troy competed in a 24 hour bike race in Milwaukee 3 years in a row!

Paddling Cape Cod with Kyle is a blast!

Kyle Willoughby

Kyle is an ACA Level 2 kayak and paddle board instructor and was born and raised on Cape Cod. Kyle is also an integral part of our RideAway International trips and ran our first amazing trip to the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. He is made for the outdoors and his ability to connect with people is something we all strive for at RideAway!

Fun Fact: Kyle attends silent retreats on the REG!

Wayne Macdonald 

Wayne is the manager of our Sandwich location and is a Sandwich educator along with his wife Kristin. He is a level 2 certified kayak and paddle board instructor. Wayne is a retired Marine and heads the veteran outreach and donation portion for Team RideAway.

Fun Fact: He is a retired marine that works very closely with Heroes In Transition!

Matt Mcrae

Matt is the summer manager of our Sandwich location and is a Sandwich educator. He is a level 2 certified kayak and paddle board instructor.  Matt is an amazing paddling Cape Cod guide and his commitment and importance to our RideAway team cannot be highlighted enough. We are thankful everyday he is part of this team and part of this community.

Fun Fact: He played professional football in Hungary!

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